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CuteCrabs™ CuteCrabs™ CuteCrabs™ CuteCrabs™ CuteCrabs™ CuteCrabs™
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Make Tummy Time Fun with CUTECRABS™!

Looking for a toy that will keep your little one entertained during tummy time? Look no further than the crawling CuteCrabs™! This adorable toy is the perfect companion for babies who are just learning to crawl and explore their surroundings.

With its cute design and fun crawling action, CuteCrabs™ will capture your baby's attention and keep them engaged for hours. Watch as your little one follows the CuteCrabs™s back and forth movements, giggling with delight as they try to catch it.

And that's not all - CuteCrabs™ is also equipped with exciting features that take playtime to the next level! With its built-in LED lights and cheerful music, this toy is sure to capture your child's imagination and spark their creativity.


  • Great For Tummy Time
  • Keeps Kids Entertained
  • Promotes Development
  • Pet-Friendly

Great for tummy time!

During tummy time, babies lie on their stomachs and lift their heads, which helps to strengthen their neck and upper body muscles .

The CuteCrabs™ crawling action and bright colors can help to capture your baby's attention, encouraging them to lift their head and follow the toy's movements.

This can help your baby to strengthen their neck and upper body muscles and improve their head control.

CuteCrabs™ can help to motivate your baby to move and explore their surroundings, which can enhance their motor development.

Keeps Kids Entertained

CuteCrabs™have built-in infrared sensors, which can automatically sense obstacles and escape.

The flexible movements are fun and easy to attract babies to crawl or chase, which helps develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Promotes Development

CuteCrabs™ is a fun and engaging way to promote your child's physical and cognitive development.

As your child chases after the toy and tries to catch it, they are strengthening their muscles and developing their coordination skills.

CuteCrabs™ also encourages imaginative play and helps to stimulate your child's creativity.


Not only do kids love CuteCrabs™, but pets do too! Dogs and cats alike will go crazy for this little crustacean as it scurries across the floor.

CuteCrabs™ is built tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic pets, making it a great way to keep your furry friends entertained as well.

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why they love the cutecrabs™

“Fun and playful design, combined with the flashing lights, makes it a hit with children”


“CuteCrab is a great way to keep my baby entertained during tummy time,”


“Our dog can't get enough of the CuteCrab, it's definitely a hit with all members of the family.”